tu tu app

Tu tu app


Tutu app is an app store in itself that extends the limits of the google play store by providing all the applications free of cost and it is the most popular app nowadays. Chinese developers are working on the application to improve it.

The secret behind its popularity is only because of Modified Pokemon Go version which has an inbuilt joystick in it so we do not need to travel from place to place and we can enjoy it at our fingertips. Besides that, it has a huge amount of processed tools, applications, and games which are the special attractions to the mobile users all around the world.

Tu Tu is also very popular with the name Bunny Assistant and, therefore, if you get this app when you search for Tu Tu then don’t panic, just download and install it as both are the same.as it has a symbol of white colour bunny.named as bunny assistant.So let’s proceed in a detailed description of what the app features and how to install it on your Android device.



Tu Tu app is being worked upon by Chinese developers. They constantly attempt to add features and remove bugs from the application.. Some of the features of TuTu app are listed below.

  • Tutu App provides you the application which are paid apps in Google app market for free! Other than Tutu App, you can use other tools for the games to earn coins, points, etc.
  • Tutu app has its own phone cleaner just like the popular Clean master in Android. It is very efficient at boosting your device and clearing the unwanted data, clearing memory, removing unused data, etc.
  • The wi-fi transfer is supported for these platforms: iOS to Android OS, Android OS to iOS, android OS to android OS.
  • lAn important feature, this app comes with a toolbox which consists of some very useful tools. These tools are used to manage contacts, time and date, etc.

Looking at this application, we conclude that though it has some drawbacks, but the features as well as millions of free apps it provides has attracted many people all over the world. Day by day it is getting more and more popular. Also, it supports multiple platforms being unbiased to both android and iOS. It is a must download app if you want to enjoy paid apps for free! Read more 



How to install modded google play store using lucky patcher

We have already seen lot’s of magical features of lucky patcher app including how it can remove license verification , how lucky patcher helps us in removing annoying google ads how it helps us in backing up our important app data ,hacking apps and games and much more . But what if i tell you that we can also hack the entire google play store using this brilliant patching app . yes you read it right you can now hack the entire play store and that is exactly i am going to tell you in this article of mine .  Google play  is the database of all the apk’s of the android we can say it is the kingdom of apps it have all the apps that are present in the market fot the android smartphones and that is why it is most powerful . Well how cool will it be if all the apps of the google play are available for free but google play have the mix collection of free apps and as well as paid apps the paid apps have more features then the free version of itself and that is why it is free . We have seen that lucky patcher can remove the license of all apps but if we see it  , it is very lengthy process if we remove the license verification of apps one by one and create their patch too .But the great lucky patcher has solution for this problem also we can create the modded google play or you can say in simple words that we can hack the entire google play with the lucky patcher app very easily .


steps how to hack google play / create modded google play

  1. Descarregar Lucky Patcher Apk first .
  2. Install Lucky patcher for android , Open it and Grant root access.
  3. click  on Toolbox  wich is at the bottom and  find “Patch to android”.


  1. Check the 1st , 2nd and 4th options which are “Signature verification status always true” and “Disable .apk signature verification” and “Support patch for InApp and LVL  emulation”.


  1. Click apply. and your device will be rooted .
  2. Again Open Lucky patcher and go to patch to android option to see “patch applied” is written or not. If patch is not applied , patch again
  3. Now you can go back and tap on tool box once again. Go down to find install modded play store.
  4. Select the latest modded play store at top and click install.



  1. after that the modded play store will be installed in your device and it will reboted automatically and if do not get rebooted then reboot your device manually
  2. Bravo , you have now successfully installed modded play store.



thanks for reading this article i hope it helped !